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Rescue Alerts & Adoption Success Stories

There are far too many dogs and cats in need of homes in the High Country (and beyond), due to neglect, abandonment, and/or special medical needs not easily provided by many pet owners. This page is intended as a showcase for animals currently in need of adoption, as well a place to highlight rescue adoptions with happy endings. I'll be updating this page as new rescue stories come to me, so you may want to bookmark it and visit often, especially if you or someone you know is inclined to help find homes for these furry friends.

We are in need of homes to foster or adopt. Those that cannot help as a foster or adopter and want to make a difference are welcome to make a donation for the homeless pets. Funds can go to medical care, special foods and/or transport. We are not a non-profit (your gift is not tax deductable) but it is very much needed and appreciated. Please call Jackie Flood at 828.295.0787 or Lisa Van Arnam at 828.264.7737 to make arrangements for your contribution to help the way you wish it to.

Thank you for your caring and support!


Rescue Alerts


Photos of Nicky taken 2/8/11    
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Nicky was rescued in early February from the home of a West Jefferson couple who were found dead after the house's landlord noticed inactivity at the house for over a week or more. The death is being investigated as a possible suicide pact, and Nicky was left behind by the couple, chained in the back yard with very little means to fend for himself.

Nicky is presently staying at the home of Lisa Van Arnam. She sends this update as of February 25th, 2011:

"Nicky survived frigid temperatures, no food and no water for up to two/three weeks!! He survived on the snow that surrounded his fragile body day in and day out! During this time he lost half his body weight, he's diabetic and he is partially blind due to cataracts—he can see shadows. We understand this is correctable. Nicky doesn't seem to be in the least troubled by his disabilities.

"He has embraced every moment while living here at the Van Arnam puppy dog ranch! He takes on the stairs better than the seeing kids. He goes to the door and barks when he needs to go potty, he LOVES to play with a tennis ball and LOVES to play with his stuffed animals.

"Nicky smiles.....he loves it when you talk to him and when you tell him he's loved! He hangs with all eight of our kids and blends in like he's been here forever! Nicky LOVES to go for a ride in the car and he's a great car rider.

"Nicky is currently on a special diet for his diabetes and is fed every four hours (not during the night of course). He was a whole 35 lbs when he was found. His current weight at last check was 46.2 lbs (I'm sure he's a little heavier since that was a week ago). He is insulin-dependent (probably will be the rest of his life) and receives his shots 12 hours apart.

"The wonderful woman that heard the story and started her search for Nicky, found him the evening before Animal Control was going to put him down. HE IS A SURVIVOR!!! Lisa and Cindy from Ashe County have paid for Nicky's vet care and they are willing to help in any way - they have offered to pay for his insulin the rest of his life - they just want to see him find a wonderful home.

"Maybe it's not you, but maybe YOU know someone that will take Nicky into their home and into their heart and let him live the rest of his life with a loving and adorning family. Wow, what a true blessing this sweet boy has been to us in such a short time. Come and meet Nicky....Call me at 828-264-7737 or 828-964-1766. Let's find him his special home."

You can call Lisa Van Arnam at 828.264.7737 or 828.964.1766, or call Jackie Flood at 828.295.0787 (or e-mail at jvflood@aol.com) for more information, and/or if you think you can help to find Nicky a home.

(updated February 26, 2011)


Happy Endings...when rescues get homes that love them...

Alice and Cooper

Alice and Cooper
They finally found their forever home in Tampa, Florida.



A loving home for rescue dogs
This is one of the rescue community's steadfast fosters: Ken Wiley at his home with two Bassetts (from Watauga Animal Control) that went to Bassett Rescue in NY and found new homes.



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